Monday, December 6, 2010

30th November 2010-the crazy day

ahh..what's on 30th november? my birthday? no.. my anniversary? absolutely what? actually on this lucky date the result for first semester of matriculation is announced..i don't want to take my result..if possible, i don't want to know..because in my mind, i thought that i've done very bad in the exam..especially for mathematics paper..

so on around 4.15 pm, my practicum, gathered at Dataran Sri Temenggung to meet our mentor..he was the one who was responsible in handling our exam by one name is of my classmate, Fadzreen Fadzrul..he got 4.00 flat..another boy from my class, also managed to get 4.00 hand is trembling..then, i heard my name being called.. Nur Diyana Mustaffa..please come forward..when he gave me the result, he said congratulations diyana..

i looked down..i read carefully.. 4.00 flat??is it true??? i can't believe it!..anyway, thank you Allah..for giving me this oppurtunity..Alhamdulillah..hope that i'll manage to be a better person in the future..


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