Tuesday, January 29, 2013


maybe i just don't need it now 
and that's why i don't get it..

Allah always knows 
what is the best for me..

and He will give me 
what I want,

or something that is 
better from what I want,

when the time comes..

so just be patience Addy.. :)

keep working + praying, 
and don't give up..

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013 !

Assalamualaikum wbt and well, happy new year 2013!

i think that it's still not to late to wish happy new year to all my dear readers..thanks for reading my blog ^^ *wink2* actually now i'm in exam mode -.- 3 down, (vector analysis, scientific and medical english and optics) 4 left (electronics 2, differential equations and complex analysis, thermodynamics and intro to management)

but let's take a break..today i want to share about some highlighted events in 2012..this post should be published on 31st Dec 2012, but then i was too busy preparing for my final exam (plus gaming, movies, and eating for sure :p) and don't have enough time to finish it..hoho

so lets now go month by month :p

 ok.. january..what happened? ohh..my 1st semester final exam for sure..1st time taking exam in USM and it was like..errr -.- and i went back to muar by bus this time..morning bus..with sufiniza..and someone came to the bus station by motorcycle to say goodbye..that's the 1st and the last time i guess..no more after this..hahah..thanks btw!

after exam, for sure there will be result day! hewhew..hmm..since i didn't do seriously in my exam, well..i do not satisfied with the result obtained..but still, Alhamdulillah..and after Chinese New Year, i must came back to USM for my 2nd semester..my mother was really worried to let me traveled alone by bus at night, and therefore she asked me to take the same bus as him..yeah..him..hahah..so i went to Kulaijaya, met his family (i'm shy actually..hewhew) and went back to USM together..he sat in front me in the bus..so no wrong doings ok? and then my 2nd sem begins!

i didn't quite remember what actually happened in this month..ohh..i went to USM kubang kerian, kelantan for debate! how can i forgot that? -.- 1st time being there in Kelantan and visited wakaf che yeh :p bought only 1 grey tudung since i've not yet receive my JPA money :p mini SAMURA reunion there - pakma, pigeon, hayati, and jalak..1st time went to seoul garden and involved in Kenduri Sekampung RST event..

debate team

seoul garden

well..the saddest month in 2012 i guess :'(

there's no need to mention it, but i should say that, it changed me..to a better person, Alhamdulillah.. and i gave a motivational talk to form 5 students during an event- Falling in love with university :) and my 1st time at bukit bendera with fatin and naimah..thanks!

went to USM Nibong Tebal (engineering campus) for PADU..so i've visited all the USM campuses during my 1st year!

hehe..involved in Temasya Olahraga Tahunan USM..although not as an athlete -.- marching only :p

exam mode turned on! 2nd time taking exam in USM and still, no changes..lazy mode was always on -.- hahah..went to home by flight! my roommate, azirah and malin sent me to Bayan Lepas airport and atif fetched me at Senai airport..hang out around jb before went back to muar :)

came to USM to settle some works related to Saujana ICT Expo..and i've been appointed as Project Manager for Open House Saujana..after 10 days i went back to muar..jb 1st and then hang out with atif again n introduced her to sushi king :p

and 1st time celebrating Ramadan in Muar after 3 years..sobsob..( 2 years in SAMURA and 1 year in KMJ)

Aidilfitri! hehe and my birthday~ he was the 1st one to wish me..well, thanks..preparing to go back to USM..sobsob..

went to USM early from others! for Saujana ICT expo and my project! Open House Saujana..haha..by flight also..atif sent me to Senai airport at dawn..we woke quite late and atif's mother was very worried that we cannot caught the flight..but wait, look who's driving..it's atif! i managed to arrived at airport in time! hahah..and my 1st semester as a 2nd year student begins~ reject an offer to be YDP MPD Saujana :'(

a words to say by project manager :P

Physics Society Aidilfitri's Dinner

fatin,addy,ira n malin

study~ assignment~ test~ sleep~ eat~ game

MPDS Dinner..i was awarded as the most diligent MPDS exco :D

dinner~ dinner~
the food was superb!
BBQ with 2nd year pure physics student..

bbq below penang bridge~

midsem = off to legoland! hahah..

1 USM student and 3 UTM studends..bonds between us~

electronics 2 lab test

playing with IC and 7 segment display
studyweek! went watching The Hobbit 3D alone at Queensbay by motorcycle :D i made it!

thanks to fatin for sponsoring my transportation during study week :p she left her motorcycle at me when going back home..hehe..

well 2013, please be nice to me! :D


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