Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Golden Age Night School Of Physics USM 2012/2013

Assalamualaikum wbt and wishing a great day to all of you :D

Well..for now, a quick review about School Of Physics was held on 24th May 2013 at Berjaya Georgetown City Hotel, Penang and the theme ::: The Golden age..

Full table
What is it mean by The Golden Age? actually reminds us about the glories of Islam long time ago..

Pass and red roses
There was 2nd year band performance by Aiman,Najmudin and Rabie.. Assoc Prof Fauziah was amazed by their performance since she didn't expect Physics student can also sing and play guitar well :p haha..congratz to Afif and Sazely too for being emcee and handling the activities..

Future physicist :D
And last but not least,

Fantastic four? Lol
Till next time :D

Friday, June 7, 2013


Assalamualaikum wbt and good day to everybody ^^

I came across this article and since it tells something related to myself, i'm going to share it here~

10 ways to tell if you're perfectionist

1) you are highly conscious and hyper-critical of mistakes.

2) you aim to be the best in everything that you do, even if it is something that you're not interested in.

3) you spend copious amount of your time to perfect something even at the expense of your well-being

4) you set absolute ideas. There is only black and white, no grey.

5) you are your harshest critic. You beat yourself up over the smallest thing that goes wrong.

6) you mull over outcomes if they did not turn out as you wish.

7) you are defensive towards critism and have a fear of failure because they suggest imperfection.

8) you only care about achieving the end goal, paying no heed to the journey.

9) you have an all-or-nothing approach.

10) you are conscious of any situations that might give others the perception you are not perfect.

Hewhew..and guess what? I've all the characteristic listed above..oh my -.-'

The 'most me' is number 4 :p and it sometimes drive me crazy..just imagine if i were to ask a question, i want to hear only 'Yes' or 'No' as the 'I'm not sure'..haha

But i can still tolerate, don't worry..hee :D

Goodbye for now..exam in 2 days time

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Assalamualaikum dan semoga hari anda baik2 sahaja.. :p

Harini aku memilih utk berubah angin dgn menulis dlm bahasa melayu dan mungkin akan kedengaran agak 'skema' xpelah..sekali sekale..hewhew

So ape yg aku nak ckp pd ptg study week yg bosan ni? Hmm..status fb aku baru2 ni :

"Before you ASSUME, try one method called ASK.."

Betul kan..kekadang tekaan kita the best way, utk bertanye, memerlukan sedikit keberanian (sedikit ke? Aku rase cam banyak gak..) dan kebanyakan masa kita sama ade malas nak tanye or tak berani..maka mulalah mengaitkan keadaan sekeliling dan sebagainye lalu membuat andaian yg entah pape kekadang.. Hew

Tp bukan itu sebenarnye main point post aku ni..
Tadi masuk kali ketiga dan aku tak rasa aku boleh handle lg and i've made my final decision..

Dalam hidup ni..kita berjumpa dgn ramai org..ade yg jd kawan baik, pasangan dan ade sekadar kenalan yg mengisi ruang episod kehidupan kita..

Tiba masa mereka datang, sampai masa mereka pergi..
Memang begitu lumrahnya..

Dan kadang2 mereka hadir bersebab..mungkin mereka perlu dibantu, tiba masa mereka pergi, dan kita perlu merelakan pemergian itu, walaupun sakit..

Terima hakikat yg mereka sekadar singgah dan kita tak dianggap penting dlm hidup mereka..

Anggap saja ini ujian dari Allah..
Berdoa sahaja utk yg terbaik..
Sakit hati memang terasa kerana kita manusia yg punyai hati, bukan robot tanpa jiwa..
Sedikit sebanyak hati pasti memberontak..



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