Wednesday, May 18, 2011

matriculation life is not bad after all :)

historical date : 18th may 2011.. semester 2 matriculation result is announced today.. struggling for a year in matriculation session is paid when Alhamdulillah, i manage to get 4.00 flat for both semester 1 and 2..thank you very much to all lecturers in johore matriculation college for 2010/2011 session..and all my teachers in tadika islam sg abong (1997-1998), srk convent muar (1999-2004), smk convent muar (2005-2007) and sm sains muar (2008-2009).. without you all, i will not be able to pass with flying colors in all examination..

matriculation life is not bad after all..maybe you think that i'm saying this because i got good result..maybe it's true..but then, i had some experience that i want to share with you all.

some people, or i think majority of our people have installed in their mind that matriculation is a place for students who do not perform well in their studies. they have set in their mind that excellent students should get a place in foundation, A-level, IB and many more. to go to overseas and being sponsored by jpa, mara, petronas, yayasan khazanah and lots more. so if they didn't get a place in such programme, they'll go to matriculation. they'll make matriculation their last choice.


because they listened to what people say. matriculation is bad. don't go there. it's not good..see? i also faced the same problem when i decided to go to matriculation , although i got an offer from utp to pursue study in petroleum engineering course-(i want this course badly, and i get it).. don't listen to people too much. if you listen too much, you cannot move and gain success. i'm not saying that you should not listen to people at all, but as long as you haven't try it, don't simply jump into conclusion..

so actually matriculation is okay or not?

if it is not okay, why there is a matriculation programme? why this programme exist? it will become NOT OKAY when you are not focusing on your study. you keep on playing, don't want to study, listen too much to people, couldn't perform well in study and finally get bad result-then THESE is not okay.

it's actually depends on yourself. you are the one who decide your future.if you are not sure what course you should take, what do you want to be when you grow up, then i suggest you to go to matriculation. at least you have more time to think about it.

it's your mindset. if you want to be a succesful person, you should think positive. if you want to get good results, dream of for it. hoping without action brings you nothing.

accept things as they are. actually, during the first moment in kmj, i feel like i don't want to be there. i hate that place so much.( during my past okay, not i love that place..) well..we take some time to adapt to a new surrounding, right? but as time passed by, i began to adapt myself, accept the fact that now i'm a matriculation student, i must perform well in study..focus in study..focus on what you have now..where you are now..don't keep on regretting's better you make a move and change your future.

accept and move on. everything happens for a reason.


  1. love this entry cause i also get an offered from utp with the same course like you but i decide to go to matric..

  2. Akak, tengss . akak mmg bgi inspirasi sgt2 .
    saya nak tahu mcm mna akak survive matriks ? sbb aim saya mmg nak masuk matriks kerana saya ne bukannnya bgus sgt dlm study . tpi bila tg0k post akak saya rsa suma org buleh berjaya kalu berusaha . so akak bgila tips untuk matriks kt saya boleh ? ;)

    just wanna be friends , and hope you will accept it with an open heart :)

  3. welcome.. ^^
    hehe..yup..mmg semue org boleh berjaye kalau die berusaha..yg penting, jgn main2 kat matriks, rajin wat past year question..tutor buat sendiri, bukan copy dr kawan..tu je rahsie akk ^^ then kalau cre akk,after stiap chapter blaja akk akn wat summary..ade kat dlm blog kalo ade kuiz ke akk tinggal refer summary tu je :)

    let be friends :)
    feel free to follow me on twitter @AddyDiyana or add me on fb: Nur Diyana Mustaffa

  4. akak2... kite pun tak suke matrik mula2... ngee... hehe.. =p

  5. hurmm is there any differences in syllabus between matrik?

  6. Akak,sy minta izin download nota2 akak ea..minta halal..

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