Monday, March 21, 2011

human capital development

When we are talking about knowledge, I am quite sure that everyone will linked it to Intelligent Quotient (IQ) rather that Emotional Quotient(EQ).Why? This is because in today’s world, often they marked someone as knowledgeable when the person has high IQ instead of high EQ. EQ is describe as an ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self and of others. Research tracking over 160 high performing individuals in a variety of industries and job levels revealed that EQ is two times more important in contributing to excellence than intellect and expertise alone. This shows that EQ is very important in developing human capital in order to produce well rounded leaders that can bring our country to achieve fully-developed country status. There are variety of ways that can be taken by the government in order to increase the level of EQ among the Malaysian.

In other to increase the level of EQ among Malaysians, government should change the education system that has been used all this while because as we all can see,it emphasis more on IQ compared to EQ. We have at least 3 public examination hosted by Ministry of Education before entering university that are UPSR, PMR and SPM. Our students therefore often spend most of their times reading books or subjects that will come out in the examination. Sometimes they doesn’t even read the newspaper, they didn’t involved in co-curicular activities actively and they sometimes doesn’t like to socialize. For them, if they done these activities, it will waste their time. They prefered to read from day to night rather than doing anything else so that they can score in the examination. Yes, nowadays the government has counted co-curicular activities as one of the criteria to apply for scholarship or placement in university, but it is only counted for 10 per cent. The other 90 per cent is taken from the result in public examination. 90 per cent IQ versus 10 per cent EQ? This will produce future generation that has high IQ, but lack in EQ. How will they handle problems? How will they lead Malaysian? Government should change the education system that will stressed on 60 per cent IQ and 40 per cent EQ.

Besides, the government should also slotted a special syllabus that teaches about critical thinking skills and soft skills in school and university level in order to increase the level of EQ among the Malaysian. The subject should contains the communicative skills, team building skills, leadership skills and problem solving skills. Our youth nowadays are lacking in all of the skills and that’s why they are lack in self-awareness, mood management, impulse control and people skills. Why are they lacking in these areas? Because they have not been exposed to the skills since they are small. Some has never heard about critical thinking skills and if they didn’t know, how can they apply it in determining their direction of life? The most suitable time for them to learn this subject is while they are still at school because one, they are still young and can absorb anything easily, and second reason is they can apply the knowledge gain from the subject in handling their co-curicular activities in school. Thus, government should slotted a special syllabus in the school that emphasis on this skills so that well-rounded leaders can be produce.

Among the best step that should be taken to gain knowledge in any fields is taking example from others. In order to increase the EQ level of Malaysian, government should also take example from other successful and fully developed country on how they create awareness on EQ among the citizen. We must learn from others. In United Kingdom for example, the government often organized EQ Certification Training in order to maintain the EQ level of their people. This training includes all the skills required to maintain the level of EQ and at the end of the training, the participants will be awarded a certificate about their level of EQ. If government organized such programmes, I think that Malaysian will be more aware about the importance of this EQ. When taking example from other fully-developed country, we must also aware about the pros and cons of the example. The government should investigate first the consequences before implement it in our country. Take as many example as we can and choose the best to implement in our country.

Government should also do some campaign or seminar relating to this EQ in order to increase the level of EQ among the Malaysian. Government can promote the importance of this EQ in determining the direction of our country and the consequences if we neglect the EQ. If people didn’t see the reasons why we should learn about EQ, they will become reluctant to learn about it. Campaign and seminar is a good medium that can be used to introduce the EQ, because there will be a ‘question and answer’ slot at the end of the programme so any question or suggestion about EQ can be given during this time. Newspapers and magazines should also write more on this topic so that the public can gain more information regarding this issue.

As we all can see, there are several ways that the government can take in order to increase the level of EQ among the Malaysian. To put it in the nutshell, the ways are changing the education system in Malaysia, slotted a special syllabus that teaches about the critical thinking skills,taking example from other fully-developed country and organizing campaign and seminar regarding this EQ issue.EQ is a part of knowledge and knowledge is power. I am sure that if Malaysian’s IQ level has increased, for sure we can make the 2020 vision a reality

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