Sunday, June 26, 2011

AnnuaL Dinner JMC 2010/2011

assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you.. :)))

my friend, fadzreen, challenged me to put his picture wearing a red cloth all over his body on my blog..and..well..i really upload the pic!

fadzreen in the evening before the dinner :::::

this is him..err..little red riding hood? but whatever it is, he's 'KENCANG' boy! haha
HAHA..hmm..after i uploaded this picture, suddenly i pondered the evening chain of memory..evening before the annual dinner..a lot of things happened..last minute preparation ( buying tablecloth, candle, etc).. my class, physical 43 is one of the most quiet noisy class at JMC..haha..N.O.I.S.Y. yes..we'll be quiet only when the lecturers were angry with the memories..

chairman of physical 43, afzal

physical 43
i can't forget the moment when we stole chairs from a life science student's table in the evening because there was not enough chairs for students in our class.. ( science students, don't be angry ok? we're sorry..hehe..we just want to sit happily and enjoy our dinner.. :P)

chairs robbers.. (err..they all have gangster faces..HAHA)
from left : farhan ( mastermind-although he's a life science student..haha..), diyana, durrah

and last but not least, the other chairs robbers is

liana syazwani..hehe
the most brave chair robber: durrah- the beginner of this robbery
the most funny robber : wani- afraid to take away the chair, keep looking around with chair in one hand
average : me..hahaha
well..a lot of memories with all of you..i'll be missing the moment when we're together..

annual dinner pic ( from afzal's camera )
from left : mila, wani, fhatien, diyana, dura, mr. andy, mamu, afzal, fadzreen
friendship forever :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Say It..

" DON'T SAY you love me unless you really MEAN IT..because i might do something crazy like BELIEVE IT "

wishing a very good day to all of you~

what's your opinion about the quotes? are you agree with it? or disagree?

saying / telling / shouting "I LOVE YOU" will bring quite a big impact to your'll make the person either happy/ sad/ discomfort/ angry.. (errr..), depending on your relationship with them before saying the magic words.. (friends/ best friend/ strangers/ cousins / etc)

" if you love someone tell them..because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.."

you'll make the person wait for you, thinking about you, love you too and miss you..because not all of us know how to show our love to people..saying the magic words is one of the easiest and famous way..

therefore, when someone said 'i love you' to us, some of us will easily touched.. if you just want to 'try' are not serious with the relationship, please don't say the'll hurt them..

" the worst thing a guy can do is make a girl fall for him when he has no intention of catching her.."

so..think first before saying the magic words..are you prepared? HAHA

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SaMuRa LiBraRian AwarDs 2009

very bored i decided to read my form 5 notebook and suddenly i found this ::::::::::::

now showing
samura librarian awards 2009

1) the most committed librarian
- mohd afiq bin roslan
- nur diyana binti mustaffa

2) the most mysterious librarian
- mohd shafiq bin shafie
- ilya najwa binti masngat

3) the most havoc librarian
- mohd hanif bin atan
- faten rafiqah binti rahiman

4) the most creative librarian
- ahmad alfian bin isa
- nur nadiah binti sulaiman

5) the most cheerful librarian
- mohd fariz akmal bin adam
-siti naqiah binti ahmad

p/s : actually my name has been voted for all categories with 2 votes and above (maybe because i'm the vice last, i managed to win the committed category..) except the cheerful category..only one vote..(thanks for voting! haha) why? well..there's a story about it..i'm a firm person..and i've done many do i know the number of votes? cause i'm the one who counted it..
formal picture in school

during a trip to pulau langkawi
hmm..miss this moment..such an honor to work and get to know with you all :)

Harry PotteR and the Deathly Hallows part 2

my favourite film! i've been following this film from the first series and spent a lot of money to buy all the books and dvd. if one book costs around rm40-50 and that does not include the book that being bought on the first day of release (cost around rm100 over), the tales of beedle the bard -mentioned in the 7th book (rm43.00) and my harry potter quidditch game set (rm99.90).. wow..i've spent hundreds for this series.. =_= there goes my money.. T_T  

can't wait to watch it.. :))
who wants to watch with me? hehe

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


hye there..hoping that you all have a good day :)
i want to share something..

"if you don't have at least rm 100,000 in your bank account, don't ever dream to get married"
that's what my friend's mother told his son. looks like a large amount of money..isn't it? but yeah..i think it's reasonable..why? when you want to get married, you need quite a large amount of money for ::

  1. your wedding reception..whether it's big or small, still, it needs money
  2. deposit for your new house
  3. home equipment ( electrical appliances, furniture, etc) 
  4. if you chose to go holiday honeymoon, surely you needs some money
  5. some saving for emergency
so, i guess the flow is like this :::
study smart > get a good job > save money > get married

Sunday, June 12, 2011

err..Pure Physics?

finally, the result for admission to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is announced on 10th june. i didn't feel excited to check the result because to be truth, i don't hope anything. besides, before this i've made my mind to wait for UTM's offer for petroleum engineering course. and after i key-in the information needed to see my result at USM portal, my laptop screen showed..

usm offers me my 1st choice:: pure physics

i'm sure that we all know that usm is an apex university in malaysia. therefore, i've been offered 'insentif sains tulen' if i registered in usm (rm1000 and rm300 book voucher). it is given to all students who take pure science or pure arts course.

sometimes i feel like going to pure physics ( i'm in love with physics), sometimes i want to run for petroleum engineering. i was confused. one of my friend said, "addy, if you can't be an engineer, then marry an engineer..!" hahaha..i prayed to Allah..asked Him to show the best choice..and He showed that i should go to usm and taking pure physics. so on 12th june, i accepted the offer..goodbye petroleum engineering..(sobs..sobs..) T_T
goodbye my dear oil rig.. T_T
my mentor in JMC, mr. andy once said to me..sometimes in life, things will not go as go with the flow for Allah know what we don't know..maybe it's the best for us..

here are some of the course outline for pure physics. i get it from USM webpage.

core course
-physics 1 (mechanics)
-physics 2 (electricity and magnetism)
-physics 3 ( vibrations, waves and optics)
-calculus and linear algebra
-physics 4 (modern physics)
-electronics 1
-physics practical 1
-physics practical 2
-quantum mechanics
-electronics 2
-statistical mechanics
-complex analysis and differential equations
-vector analysis
-mathematical methods
-physics practical 3
-physics practical 4
-electricity and magnetism
-solid state physics 1
-solid state physics 2
-pure physics project

elective course
-classical mechanics
-atomic and nuclear physics
-radiation biophysics
-energy studies
-x-ray analysis
-material sciences
-semiconductor physics device
-programming for science applications and other sciences

minor area specialization
-computer science
-islamic studies
-english language

err..there are lots to study! my hand shivers when typing this post..can i survive until the end? may Allah guide and show me the way..insyaAllah.. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cat Rabbit AniMe- TheRe sHe iS

assalamualaikum and hello..~

if you are free now, please go to Farhan's Blog and watch an anime titled 'There She Is'.. it's very interesting and's about a cute little rabbit who fell in love with a cat..yes..a CAT! a RABBIT and a CAT? err..

My DreaM CaR

my dear Suzuki Swift..when will i owned one? hehe

hello guys..lately, someone asked me what's my dream car for this time being..of course, my dream car is the stylish and sporty and cute and..and.. (err..)  Suzuki Swift! (clap clap clap..haha)  and it must be grey in colour as in the picture..waahh..whenever i see it on the road, i just can stop staring at it..he's my darling..err.. ****** please don't be jealous okay? HAHA..i just love the car!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother, you're the queen of my heart

i came across this essay..i wrote it last year, but i don't remember why..


When we come across the word “mother”,automatically our mind will display the image of our mother.Mother is one of the most important person in our life,no matter what.Although she may be perfectionist-all things must look perfect in her eyes,too protective until you don’t have the privacy to hang out with friends because she will always be with you wherever you go or she loves to nag at you whenever she sees you and the speed of the words that spew out from her mouth will put any M16 gun in shame,she is still our mother.

My mother is the best mother in the world because firstly,she has sacrificed a lot for her children-especially me,the eldest.Giving birth is not an easy job especially to the first child-she has faced the excruciating pain when giving birth to me and I’m very thankful to her for  her sacrifice all this while raising not only me,but 4 more children.Besides,she is so patient in educating all her children until we all know how to be independent as well as respecting others.Whenever I  failed to achieve good results in test,she has never scold me,instead she give motivation to me,discuss the pro and conts of something,let me make my own decision without pushing me and to be truth,it really make me want to give the best in whatever I do.Why?Because I don’t want to let her down even once because of me.

She chose to be a housewife and not working because she believe that by doing so,her children will get enough love and attention from her because my father is busy working all the time.All this time,whatever happens,she’ll put her family in the first place.”Family always comes first,”she often said that.She will try her best to fulfil what her children needs.She is always by my side all this time.Without her,I’ll never know what love means..Without her,I’ll not be strong and independent.Without her,I’ll never be here..Without her,I’m nothing..She is the one.The best mother in the world.Thank you for bringing me to this world.Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.Mother,you’re the queen of my heart..

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

thanks qurratu aini :)

at last! i managed to date with my best friend, qurratu aini hasan! hahaha.. we haven't meet each other for more than a year..we met at mahkota parade, malacca on monday 30th may 2011..we went to GSC at dataran pahlawan and watched 'pirates of the caribbean on strange tides' movie..after 1 hour, i found her sleeping during the movie because she didn't reply when i talked to her..well..kind of cold dark.. i laughed at her after the movie and we ate kfc before going back..thank you very much for spending time with me..hehehe..hope to see you again soon.. :)

as we go on we'll remember
all the times we had together
and that's our last chance
come whatever
we will still be friends forever..
(graduation-vitamin c)

the second person

hello everybody.. :)

"diyana, make sure you are what you are now in the future..don't change your attitude, your habit and yourself..especially when you're in university..okay? maybe we'll not meet again in the future..take care and good luck for your life and yourself.."

two boys had advice me with this..the first one when i finished my form 5 in SAMURA, the second one when i finished my matriculation programme in JMC.. both are my classmate, but i'm not very close with them.. anyway, InsyaAllah..i'll try my very best to remain as what i am..just the way i are.. thank you for the advice- the two of you.. you make me appreciate myself more..hahaha..all the best to you too.. :)


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