Monday, March 21, 2011

we said our goodbye and went our separate ways..:(

the sun was setting at the western sky.there it stood, lonely and regal, shining the world until the moon took over at night. i was sitting at the pearly white beach, gliterring like minute crystal,watching the waves dapple calmly. the palm tree was swaying gently as the breeze played with the loose strands of hair at my face. i opened the letter for the fifth time..yes..i cannot accept her death until now..i was feeling so eyes become watery again as i began to read the letter.

dear firdaus,
i think maybe you will feel a little shocked upon receiving this letter, but i think this is the most suitable way to tell you how i feel all this time being your friend. the truth is, firdaus, i am very proud ang thankful to have you as my bestfriend. if only i can touch the rainbow, i'll write your name on top of it to let others know how wonderful is to have you in my life..
everything started on the form 4 orientation week in 2008 at sekolah menengah sains muar (samura). encik ali were finding any form 4 students who are interested to join the school debate team. you raised your hand and talked confidently in front of the crowd. you even volunteered to give a speech on the closing ceremony. from that week, i always want to be your friend.

sometimes we bumped in on the way to class, but i do not think that you noticed me. your classmate said that you are so kind and intelligent, and that makes me really want to know you. thanks to shafiqah, she helped us a lot in building this friendship. she introduced me to you and vice versa. i was very happy after knowing that you want to be my friend. after the monthly test results came out, my results were better that yours and you told shafiqah that you wanted me to teach you. i am not as good as the first ranker of the school, amirul, but i agreed to help you. we met only twice in the study group to study biology. you're really good in biology, you know.i think you'll be a good doctor soon.

then, the results for form 4 final year was announced. i've only managed to get 3.64 for my cgpk. shock struck me like a thunderbolt.but then, you showed that the sky is not always dark. you gave me strength and hope when i'm down. you understood me very well. and thanks to you, because of you, i managed to stay in samura until spm..thank you very much. whenever i feel down, i always remember your words, "let bygone be bygone and take it as an advantage for the future. from the time onwards, we became bestfriend. you got 3.7 for cgpk in the exam and that made me really proud of you.

time is precious as the hours fly by so fast. in a blink of eye, we were finally studying in form 5. senior year. spm year. we became quite busy that year because i was the president of the school librarian while you, being an apple on the teacher's eye, was the headboy. we were both busy and seldom meet each other. one day, your bestfriend, amirul, told me that you noticed that i was acting cold towards you and asked whether you made any mistake. i'm sorry firdaus, but you've done nothing wrong. it was me being stressful and confused when facing problems.

again, you came to me and lend your shoulder to cry on. you listened to my problems patiently and gave me your suggestion on solving the problem. you always supported me on whatever i do and shared my happiness when i win. again, thank you firdaus..thanks for being there...

among the memories that i had with you, for sure, i'll not forget this one. memory in my 17th birthday. you remind your friends about my birthday and asked them to wish me. how happy i was. in addition, you were the 1st one to wish me 'happy birthday". you said sorry for not giving me any present except for a birthday card but you know firdaus, actually you had given me a big present in my life. friendship.

the spm's results was announced this morning. you and i managed to pass with flying colours, 9A+..i felt happy, and at the same time, you remember the time when you kept asking me whether i'm sick because i had always fainted? the truth is, i have thalassemia, and this night, i'll fly to united kingdom for bone marrow transplant. the probability for me to survive after the operation is 50:50. sorry for telling you now. i know it is a bit late..actually i don't have guts to tell you. i wrote this to let you know, if i will never meet you again, you will know why...

for me, you are a very good friend. you helped me a lot in my ups and downs..never be bored to listen to my stupid stories..always stay with me until i smiled..thank you so much firdaus..i felt very grateful because i had chance to know you..before i go..don't be sad, firdaus..although i'm so far now from your eyes, but i'm closed to your heart..just go on with your life..friendship forever..


i folded the letter back and brought it close to my heart. tears welled in my eyes once again as i have finished reading the letter. now, i feel very alone, and that is what you feel when you lost someone you love and care about in your life. what makes me couldn't stop crying when thinking about her is she died because of a car accident, not because of a failed operation.

we planned to meet that evening to celebrate our glory. i arrived early at the cafe and i had a bad feeling. i tried to ignore it and looked out at the window. there i saw, fariha was crossing the road to the cafe when suddenly a car came and knocked her down. i rushed out and was there at the end of her breath. she was holding this letter and before she lay motionless, she gave me the letter with a smile that i'll never forget in my life. we said our goodbye and went on our separate ways...


some of the above story is true..some is not..the character's name is definitely
has nothing to do with the people- live or dead..haha..actually this is my
spm 2009 english essay..i'm bored and i typed it out..haha..
i did better than this in the real exam
-for i managed to get a+ for english 1119 and a1 for gce-o level..
hmm..remembering the past..
made me smile.. :)

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