Sunday, October 31, 2010

water under the bridge..

Do you realize on my presence?
As the sun shines brilliantly
As the gentle breeze caresses me
You make me feel revived by your flow. . .

Do you realize on my presence?
Should a plane came crashing down
Should a vase broke into smithereens
You make me lose my conscience by your smile. . .

Do you realize on my presence?
Though the past will never repeat
Though the moon and the sun will never meet
You make me feel petrified by your courtesy. . .

May your dreams soar like kites. . .
May your hopes fly high. . .
May you love like there is no tomorrow. . .
May all your tomorrows be magic. . .

why water under the bridge? it's one cares,noticed about the water under the bridge..this poem is about someone who thinks that his/her presence has no effect on one's life..just're in love with someone..and the person didn't even noticed sad it was..but if they did something that will make you hurt,you can't be mad at them for you must remember that they didn't know about your feeling..unless you told them about yours, then they hurt you,then only you can be mad at them..[just for reminder..:)]

Saturday, October 30, 2010

please..tell me..

i'm very sure that no one in the earth loves to live in a world that is full with unsolved question or do i..this thing has haunted me, including this year for about 2 years..starting around the end of year 2007..i always wanted to know who is this person..but i never know until now..
i really hope that i know..please..tell me..i just want to thank you for giving this beautiful note to me..whoever you are..please turn up..:D


so that i can freeze you when you walk by me...

"wingardium leviousa"
so that you'll be able to fly with smile and joy among the angels...

and at night when you ponder among the star
you should know that i'm gazing at the same star..
and when the stars and moon asked to know you, what you say to answer it...?

-guardian angel-

and here is what i want to reply to you..but i don't know to whom should i give this to..


so that i'll know who wrote this beautiful note to me..

so that i can show my thankful to him for
giving me this note..

and at night, when i ponder among the star i should realize
that the star i'm looking for is not far from me all this while..

and when the stars and moon askes to know me, i will say,
"yes..why not..?"

tell yourself..i just want to say thank you..and sorry too...for i didn't notice you all this while..for hurting you..and if you now have someone else, i'll pray for your happiness always..~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When will i change? when the time comes..

what is PSPM? PSPM is 'peperiksaan semester program matrikulasi'..
hmm..without realising, i have been a matriculation student for a semester..does it make any difference in my life? i don't think so..for my heart always says that SAMURA is the best plasce i've ever been..hahaha..

so..about pspm..i cannot say much..i did not do my very best..yes..i'm playing..i've never been serius in whatever i did..although i know that the result for this examination is very2 important, but i don't know what is wrong with me..hmm..math paper, especially..i really regret math paper have never been so empty like this..i cannot answer majority of the can that happen? not enough preparation? maybe..or i cannot adapt the life in matriculation college..

what makes me feel really bad is, my friend..all my friend keep on saying.." are a genius person..clever..i'm sure you can score- lah.."do you all know that actually you will only make me want to kill myself by saying that? please..don't say like that, my friend..especially after exam..hmm..i'll feel very depressed..

as the eldest in the family, i should show a good example to my siblings..but..hmm..i don't know if i can be a role model to them or not..just pray to Allah..for He will always help us..i need to be strong..strong..strong..just go on..give the best in life..don't play2..but when will i change? when the time comes..


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