Sunday, June 12, 2011

err..Pure Physics?

finally, the result for admission to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is announced on 10th june. i didn't feel excited to check the result because to be truth, i don't hope anything. besides, before this i've made my mind to wait for UTM's offer for petroleum engineering course. and after i key-in the information needed to see my result at USM portal, my laptop screen showed..

usm offers me my 1st choice:: pure physics

i'm sure that we all know that usm is an apex university in malaysia. therefore, i've been offered 'insentif sains tulen' if i registered in usm (rm1000 and rm300 book voucher). it is given to all students who take pure science or pure arts course.

sometimes i feel like going to pure physics ( i'm in love with physics), sometimes i want to run for petroleum engineering. i was confused. one of my friend said, "addy, if you can't be an engineer, then marry an engineer..!" hahaha..i prayed to Allah..asked Him to show the best choice..and He showed that i should go to usm and taking pure physics. so on 12th june, i accepted the offer..goodbye petroleum engineering..(sobs..sobs..) T_T
goodbye my dear oil rig.. T_T
my mentor in JMC, mr. andy once said to me..sometimes in life, things will not go as go with the flow for Allah know what we don't know..maybe it's the best for us..

here are some of the course outline for pure physics. i get it from USM webpage.

core course
-physics 1 (mechanics)
-physics 2 (electricity and magnetism)
-physics 3 ( vibrations, waves and optics)
-calculus and linear algebra
-physics 4 (modern physics)
-electronics 1
-physics practical 1
-physics practical 2
-quantum mechanics
-electronics 2
-statistical mechanics
-complex analysis and differential equations
-vector analysis
-mathematical methods
-physics practical 3
-physics practical 4
-electricity and magnetism
-solid state physics 1
-solid state physics 2
-pure physics project

elective course
-classical mechanics
-atomic and nuclear physics
-radiation biophysics
-energy studies
-x-ray analysis
-material sciences
-semiconductor physics device
-programming for science applications and other sciences

minor area specialization
-computer science
-islamic studies
-english language

err..there are lots to study! my hand shivers when typing this post..can i survive until the end? may Allah guide and show me the way..insyaAllah.. :)


  1. errr.. mane kau jumpe core course tersebut ? heheh

  2. xpyh nk err..err..sgt k..kat page usm ad tlis kat ats 2..haha


    gerun aku tngok kos tu

  4. pehh..gile kencang! ak da tgk da..ak pn gerun ngan kos ak..hahaha

  5. akak camne nak survive dlam course major physics??

    1. nak survive tu, kene rajin..kalo ade tak faham ke ape, cepat2 fahamkan..jangan tunggu last minute..nnt menyesal cm akak..hihi

    2. ada kawan akak cakap cmni :::
      Neah, stakat nak survive, study last minit, assignment copy mmbe, slagi x study week, selagi tu enjoy week. Dengan segala perkara tersebut, Insya Allah cukup makan bawah 3.0 atas 2.75. Ini lah survive :p

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