Wednesday, February 10, 2016

After a Year

Assalamualaikum and hii..morning all~

Phew..a year -.-' i've draft something (offline) on my dear Nexus 7, but can't recover it now since the tab got bricked (still figuring out how to fix it..dem)

Since I'm a little bit free now, let's talk about what i'm doing in 2015..well after my graduation in nov 2014, i was unemployed for nearly 4 months (approximately 9 months if counted from my last exam day)..i've submitted resume to everywhere, and sometimes got called for interview..bahasa malaysia editor, assistant retail manager, program executive, analyst - I can't accept since it's not in Muar..yeah..I know it's such a waste..I nearly give up..

In need of money I was, I decided to work as a retail assistant. but only for a week.. I have low blood pressure, and since this work requires me to stand up during my shift, helping customer, do the cleaning, restocking - like seriously, I can't stand since I got tired I surrender -,-'

Maybe I was lucky enough, I was called to fill the vacancy in purchasing department in a company in Muar, not long after I resigned from the previous job. of course since I really need a job, I accepted the offer and my salary was not comparable with my degree..never mind, start small, start from bottom *wink wink*

we are just a normal human being..we have feelings etc..just who didn't get jealous seeing your mates get their dream job blablabla..seriously..and I'm stucked here -.-' maybe it's not my time yet..not yet..I told myself everyday, to go out and strive for what I deserved..

Being a purchaser for 8 months (what 8 months?? you resigned again? -,-), I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I learned a lot of new things, skills, and how to handle sh*t from people..yes, not all people will like you although you didn't do anything..haha..jealousy..why I quit? I can say that it's not me..I was forced to just settle down here, but I know I can do more..I'm that someone who have high dream, and I have my own aim..and I just can't being surrounded with all this negative people..I have to do something..I still remember the day I gave my resignation letter to my manager..I thought she didn't mind, I mean she will just let me resign, but no..she tried to persuade me to stay, increase my salary, but no..I've make up my mind..and I know she knows why I resign, since she offers me to just call her whenever I want to come back..thanks Miss P :')

I still think I've made a drastic decision..I have bills and car to be paid, I had a job and I resigned..just like, wow..came to think about it, maybe I was around 1 month and x days, I was searching for a job and snap! Alhamdulillah, I'm now a human resource executive, and will grow based on my performance :)

So there it is, from Physics to Purchasing to Human Resource! Don't be choosy, or you'll end up nothing..believe in yourself, and appreciate people who stick with you through your downtime :D

Till next time >.<


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