Monday, May 23, 2011

summary of semester 1 matriculation physics 2010/2011

err..sorry for uploading these notes late..i think that you all have gone to matriculation right? today is the first day..orientation week.. anyway, all the best :)

chapter 1 : physical quantities and measurements

chapter 2 : projectile motion

chapter 3 : force, momentum and impulse

chapter 4 : work, energy and power

chapter 5 : static

chapter 6 : circular motion

chapter 7 : kinematics and rotational of rigid bodies

chapter 8 : gravitation

chapter 9 : simple harmonic motion

chapter 10 : mechanical wave

chapter 11 : sound waves

chapter 12 : mechanical properties of matter

chapter 13 : fluid mechanics

chapter 14 : temperature and heat transfer

chapter 15 : kinetics theory of gases

chapter 16 : thermodynamics


  1. help me.
    i failed in my mid-sem coz i really dun understand the chapter 5 up until chapter 7 :'(
    help me, please .

  2. sorry for the late reply..i've just finished my orientation week in can i help u? u don't understand the concept or u don't know how to answer the question?

  3. ouh,its okay :)
    both the concept n how to answer the question =='

  4. ohh..hmm..for the concept, u must read a answer the question, u must try to do a lot of question..

    to answer the question, first, read it n try to understand..extract all the details from the question..(example:: f=10N, m=5kg)
    then choose the most suitable formula to solve the question..

  5. ouh, like that.
    if i have any questions that i don't understand, can i ask u to explain ?

  6. insyaAllah i'll help if i can :)
    but if u want further explaination, i think better u ask ur lectrer..they have more knowledge than me..i'm just a 1st year physics student..haha

  7. sure . better as them .
    but in case i can't get them , i have other alternative, asking you. haha :D

  8. Do we still use this in 2012? :3

  9. hmm..i'm not sure..cause i heard that your topics to be covered are less than ours..

  10. salam. tumpang tanya yer kak . ade tak mind map cmni tok subjek chemistry semester 1 ? thx.

  11. chemistry sem 1 xde sbb ade yg da hlg..

  12. As Salam. Mohon kebenaran untuk saya dan kawan-kawan saya menggunakan notes physics ini. Jazakallah :)

  13. Salam, Izinkan saya dan lainlain guna this note. Minta halalkan ilmu :)

  14. izinkan n halalkan :D

  15. assalamualaikum..izinkn saya mnggunakan note ny tuk rujukan saya bleh?? :D

  16. salam..notes yg sgt kms. sy pun nk mntak izin untuk guna nota2 akak sbgai rjukan .thanks

  17. masih kak...jasamu kn ttp ku kenang [#^_^#]
    ~KMJ~ <3 bdx penang

  18. salam. minta izin jugak guna note ni ya? mintak halal kan :)

  19. mintak halal sy nak copy yerr ?? lupa nak bwk nota fizik matrik dulu :PP

  20. saya pun nk mintak halal jgak dri akak coz dh guna note akak ni.....
    thanks coz ia byk mmbantu saya n kengkawan masa kat matrik lepas.....
    thank u so much!!!!! <3

  21. assalam...akak,mintak halal utk guna notes akak nie.. :D tq

  22. assalam, izinkan saya dan kawan2 guna notes ini. mintak halalkan ilmu ye.. :)



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