Saturday, December 22, 2012

Legoland, finally!

Assalamualaikum wbt and hello to my dear readers :))

it's been a while since i last wrote here..err..i think that i keep on saying the same line at the beginning of my post lately -.-" well..although for this time being i didn't hold any position, i'm quite busy because of the busy schedule..well..more subjects means more packed schedule..hewhew :p

enough with all that..actually i just finished writing my lab report..and now to celebrate my success for finishing it, let me present to you.....tadaa! my journey to LEGOLAND Malaysia :))

i was not in johor during its grand opening in september 2012 since i was already in USM..and actually i planned to go there with atif, but then quite last minute, atif said that she will be off to mansoura and ireland during my mid sem, i asked faz, my classmate in matriculation to accompany me there and since he has an annual pass, he and hakim agreed to fetch me at the bus stop at Sri Putri and go to Legoland..

so on 10th November 2012, i'm finally in Legoland!! ^^

long Q since it was public holiday..pity me :(
credit to faz for this pic
the longest roller coaster there

ohh was raining..huu

hakim and syafinaz

me,faz,hakim n syafinaz..

lego keychains 
day ticket
btw, i enjoyed very much in legoland..well..i'm not fully matured, therefore i enjoyed! XD HAHA


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