Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe I..

in our daily life, sometimes we’ll feel like we don’t belong here, we deserve something better, it’s better if we were someone else and so on..but don’t we realize that one day, when we’ll look back in the past, we’ll thankful that the things go on this day we’ll realize that things that happened, although we were reluctant to accept it at the beginning, is what we actually, whenever you feel uneasy, anxious for no reason, read this :::::

-maybe i forgot that my life is different from others

-maybe i worried too much about the future until i forgot to focus on what’s currently happening

-maybe i forgot that i have my own stand, so i don’t have to force myself to do what i don’t like

-maybe i forgot that Allah will always be beside me all the time

-maybe i forgot that things happened for a reason

-maybe i forgot that people walk into our life for some reason

-maybe i forgot that accepting is better that forgetting

-maybe i forgot that you and i are just friends

-maybe i forgot that we can just planned, but Allah will do the rest

-maybe i forgot that when one door closed, another will open

maybe.. :(


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  1. Assalamulaikkum,

    Summary detail really helpful. Thank for sharing. May I get the single file zip, rar.



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