Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mid Sem starts!

Assalamualaikum wbt and wishing a great day to all of you ^^

Well..the mid-semester break is here and guess where i'm off directly from penang? Jb! Jb je actually i went to meet my bestfriend in form 3 (when it all started and until now) Atif!

5 physics students in the bus to
It has been so long since i last went to her home..sept is nov 2013..well..a year++..quite a long time..her mother also said the same thing :p hee

So she fetched me at the bus station, and went to breakfast..we went to jpo (johor premium outlet) in kulaijaya, to buy gifts for atif's relatives and ate mango sticky rice (i forgot the name of the restaurant, but seriously, it's delicious and to be honest, one plate is not enough for each of us :/ lol)

Beautiful pasta all the way from germany >.<
Then at night, i taught atif how to cook carbonara pasta since she bought some beautiful pasta from germany >.<

This is it..Chef Addy in action *clap*
The next day her father sent me to the bus station and we talked about something~ i just hope that i can try my best ^^

Atif's mother gave me a 'jubah' - nice one since it's purple + black in colour :p

This is what i'm craving..laduree macarons! And atif bought it for me >.<
Her family asked me to come again next time ~well..insyaAllah..hope to see you all soon ^^

P/s: her younger sister hates me since i got 7A+ and 2A in my spm..she'll be taking her spm exam on this 5th nov so i understand why she's behaving like that :p i was at your place in 2009..hee


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