Friday, June 25, 2010

Am i doing a mistake here?

hmm..finally the SPM result 2009 is announced..Alhamdulillah..straight a..but after all, now i'm studying in Johore Matriculation College..Physical Science..I only applied Petronas scholarship and Yayasan khazanah scholarship..khazanah called me and inform that i've been selected to go to the first stage of the interview..i didn't go to the interview..why?because they offered me to further studies in degree..after all,i'm just an spm certificate holder..i'm not a diploma holder, stpm holder or a level holder..can i study degree by not studying any basic?i don't think so..

then, the next morning,Petronas called me..i've been selected to go to the interview that will be held at UTP..this time,i went to the interview because that is what i really want..being a petronas scholar.. i'm a petronas scholar since form 1 until form 5 and my ambition is to be a petroleum engineer..i've been offered petroleum engineer course at abroad happy i was..unfortunately,on the interview day,i was ill..i cannot perform the quiz well except for the MUET-like examination interview that requires us to speak confidently in english..the interview was held in morning and the quiz is in the evening..i feel very sad for not performing well in the quiz..hmm..maybe there is something good behind all this..hope so..i've been offered a place in UTP in petroleum engineering..but i decided to go to Johor matriculation college..i think that's the best for me..

i'll try my very best if i ever get chances like this again in my life..chances may come only once in my just grabbed it and do the best..remember this my friend..but don't give up if you didn't get what you wish because there is always a good reason behind all things that happen..just go on with the life and appreciate what we have now..



    ps-aku xtau pun kau ada blog ni..already follow ur blog..hehe..weh update lar..senang sket aku nak tau pkembangan kwn aku ni..

  2. sori..hehehehe..ak mmg x btw sape2 ak ad blog..sape taw, taw le.. hee~



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