Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friendship Forever

this poem is dedicated to all my friends in SAMURA, [4 Gigih, 5 Gigih, Pujangga 3, and not forgotten,all the librarian and KERISMA] had make my life full with joy and laughter..really appreciate it..wherever you are now,i'll always wish you all the best..'


you can't judge a book by its cover
or the story by the way it ends
so be alert and aware
of the things that spook and scare
but never be afraid to make friends

you can't judge a house by its colours
or the road by the way it bends
cause that road may lead you
to a house that painted blue
so never be afraid to make friends

making friends take some work and its scary
but its worth it to give a try
or else you might miss a friend like them
and that will be a reason to cry

you can't be afraid they won't like you
or there's no way you're gonna blend
cause the best work of art
comes directly from your heart
when you make them your new friends

so you don't want to jump to conclusion
just because someone is different or new
ghost and goblins are only illusions
but a friend is always true..

a friend is someone you turn to when you have no place to go..
but a true friend is someone you stop and talk to when you have a millions place to be,
and want to see how they are..
a friend is someone who tells you it will be okay..
but a true friend is someone who stays with you or calls until it is..
a friend is like a day of fine,fine weather..
but a true friend reminds you that somedays..the sky can be blue(even if it isn't right then)
a friend will meet you at the finishing line..
but a true friend lights the way..
5 gigih 2009
pujangga 3 2009
pujangga 3 2008



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