Tuesday, November 2, 2010

L.O.V.E-what is it?

-->Absence makes the heart grow fonder
-->Out of sight, out of mind

those are the famous quotes that we usually used to describe about our feelings..
the two quotes bring different meaning when compared to each other..

love is a must in our life..without love, there will be no 'us'..
but..how love will bring joy and happiness in one's life is actually depends
on how the person deals with love..get what i meant?
no? never mind..please try later..hahaha..

dealing with love is not easy..love needs sacrificed..and not all people
success in love because they are not willing to sacrifice..
remember..if you want something, you must sacrificed something..
no pain without pain, right?

life is all about risk..you must get ready to face any challenges that comes
into your way anytime..fight them back..don't run..for if you run,
the problems or challenges will only get bigger..
handle it when it is still small..it's easier..

i would like to share my viewpoint about a topic..many of my friend asks me
about this situation..
'what should they do if they fall in love with a person, but at the

same time, their bestfriend is also in love with the same person,,'
complicated, isn't it..
yeah..it's really hard to make the choice..but what i can suggest is..
  1. if the person you're in love with has a good character..can change you to a better person..and you don't know whether you can find someone like them or not..i think, better don't let the person go..or in other words..choose LOVE.. this is because chances may only come once in our whole life..better grabbed it or you'll regret..your friendship with your bestfriend may break.. (maybe..cause it's actually depends on the person itself..)but as the time goes on, your friend will realized that to love the person sometimes doesn't mean that we must get along them, but to let them go..but
  2. if you think that you can find another person like them..the better person, choose your FRIEND..if we are good to people, one day we'll get something as a return..just be patient..maybe the person is not meant for you..whatever happens, there must be a reason behind it..

-- often-heard-sentence = she's / he's my ex-gf /ex-bf
--words that often make us happy = i love you / i miss you
--things that often drive us crazy = clash
--things that are difficult to find = true love
there is something that we often heard..
but it's hard to find


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