Wednesday, November 3, 2010

E.G.O 's story..

what's for today? ^^ today we'll be talking on ego..hahaha..
i want to share a story with you friend told me, and i'll share with you..

once upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings live together..
one day, there was a storm in the sea and the island was about to get drowned..
every feeling was scared but LOVE made a boat to escape..every feeling
boarded the boat but one feeling left..LOVE got down to see who it was..
it was EGO..LOVE tried and tried but EGO wasn't moving as lot of water was rising..
everyone asked LOVE to leave him and come in the boat but LOVE was made
to last, all the feelings escape and LOVE dies with EGO on the island..
LOVE dies because of don't let your ego ruined your love.. :)

how was it? the story really brings a lot of meaning..for those who didn't
realize it..maybe now you can say that you still can handle it..but later, you are the one
who will suffer..remember what i always say in my previous blog?
CHANCES ONLY COME ONCE IN OUR LIFE..GRABBED IT..'s true..all people have ego in themselves..but we must handle it carefully..
"mengalah tidak semestinya kalah"
triumph and failure is things that will make our life colourful..

as for me, tonight, i've made my mind..i'll give him this second chance..
i really hope that he will not misused it..
and guess what, he said :
'thanks for willing to give him the chance..'
it seems like he really2 appreciate the chances..
maybe he's the one that i'm looking for all this while..
give and take..
that's life..
think twice, act wise..

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