Friday, September 28, 2012

something to spill out!

Assalamualaikum do you do? hee ^^

so here i am at the end of the 3rd week of 3rd semester, writing this post since i think it's quite free now and i  haven't have moods to

i've something to spill out actually..hmm..hmm..guess what? as an active student from year 1 to 1st year in university (active here means that i often hold some position a.k.a jawatan such as prefects, president etc..) i'm now just a normal student-at the time when this post was written..and the question is, how and why..let me tell's a story time!

the truth is, i've been appointed as a president (YDP) for a council..i was an exco for this during my 1st year, and i've been promoted to be a president..i'm quite shocked at first and couldn't believe president? at USM? there surely someone that is better than me..but then, why me?

i've gone to HEP( hal ehwal pelajar) USM talk and some other things to make me used to my new be honest, i've been dreaming to be in that post and Alhamdulillah, Allah had give me a chance to be one..but..

i just hold that post for a week..because i rejected the offer the next week..why? first of all, i didn't get my mother's blessing to hold that position..and i'm unhappy with's useless to keep on doing something that you want, but your mother didn't blessed it..she wants me to focus more on my studies..she was very happy when i said that i'm no longer the president -.-

another reason, my credit hours for this semester is 21..i've class everyday from morning till evening..and if i have meeting at night, when will i do all my tutorials, assignments, etc? i'm afraid that i can't managed my time well..and at the end, i'm the one who will suffer..and i don't want that..huhuh

lastly, i don't think that i can work with people who like to criticized's ok to critic me, but please, not in front of others..that's not advising, that's..hmm..i can accept it if you're just did it for once or twice..but you've done it many times and i can't take it just see all my wrongdoings, and not vise versa..i've my own way..and if it doesn't against the rule, don't questioned it..if all things that i want to do must follow your order, why don't just you be the president? LOL

i think that's all for now.. *relief*
thanks for reading ^^

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