Thursday, September 20, 2012

3rd Semester-how time flies!

Assalamualaikum and very good day.. has been so long since i last wrote here..well..i'm quite busy..cause i'm the project director for something and fortunately it's over..i'll tell about it in the next post ok? but i can't promise

actually now i'm revising my vector calculus subject..(ohh myy~~) and suddenly i feel i looked up here for a while, writing something and hoping my mood will come back.. (pleasee.. -.-)

hmm..i'm back here in USM since 4th september 2012 and guess what? i've been checking for available flight tickets to go back.. -.- i want to go back!! urghh..homesick? don't know..maybe just because i'm apart from my beloved two here :')

hoho..miss them so much <3 ..=".." p="p">
so what i'm going to share now?
ok lah..for now i'll share what subjects that killing me this 3rd semester..
21 units credit hours per week, class everyday from morning to evening and life can't be better than this..LOL
fortunately i rejected the offer to become president (YDP) of my residential college or i might kill myself at the end of the semester..phew..

ok..8 subjects for this sem, namely ::
- electronics 2
- differential equations and complex analysis
- vector analysis
- thermodynamics
- optics
- physics practical (lab)
- scientific and medical english
- introduction to management

btw, i'm taking management as my first i want to take elective courses, but then my uncle and parent advised me to take management..ok.. *menurut perintah*

that's all for now i guess..
insyaAllah will be writing soon after my project postmortem :)

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