Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Youths Out There

i came across this inspiring poem in the star newspaper [6 jan '10] and i think that it's good to share it with you all..

Take note everytime the grandfather clock chime
For you can never turn back time
Always reach for the books on the shelf
For it is the only way to improve yourself

You might be lost today
But someday you will somehow find your way
You might have lots of friends when you are happy
But you will only see the true ones when you cry

Take life one day at a time
For only then you will shine
Tell yourself "My dreams are as sweet as honey"
And someday,I'll make them mine

Don't give up hope
For God will always help you cope
Although you might not have anything left to gain
You can always start all over again

[David TMS]

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