Saturday, September 17, 2011

it's a Long Journey

last decay..huhu

i woke up in a morning
wondering and thinking what should i do
what should i say?
who will i meet today?
will i do the right thing?
will i hurt others?
will today be better than yesterday?'s a long journey

i walked to my class
still wondering and thinking
am i taking the correct path?
will i become successful?
am i able to help those in need?
will i learn something new today?
will i asked good question today?'s a long journey..

i met my friends..
still wondering and thinking
can i get along with them?
will i annoy them?
do they mind if i joined them?
will they accept me for who i am?
will they betray me?'s a long journey..

questions that have various answers..
because our life is a long journey..
it's a long journey..



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