Sunday, July 24, 2011

am i prepared for future?

greetings to all of you :)

as time goes by, we'll get older
older by age, appearance..
we'll have bigger responsibilities..
greater expectation towards ourselves
and people around us..
we'll easily get stressed out..
if things doesn't work out as we planned..
our friends become enemy..
and our enemy becomes friend..
our mind will work in more complex ways..
until when the younger generation tell us jokes,
we'll not laugh..
we'll say that 'hey, it's not logic..what's on earth are you telling?'
we'll have less sense of humour..
being mature..
we'll face many new things..
and try to handle it ourselves..
the best way to face the future :::
just prepare mentally and physically..
to face what ever happens..
that's what we called life..
life is full of challenges..
without challenges,
life will be dull..
appreciate each moment that you have
for we can never turn back time..

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