Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nurul Hayati

assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you~

i really, really, really miss my younger sister, nurul hayati.. T_T
now if she lives, she is 6 years old..next year she'll be starting her life as a primary school student..
but Allah loves her more..
she was born on 25th january 2005..and passed away on 3rd february 2005..
she lives only for 9 days..
9 meaningful days..
she died because of a disease..
i forgot the name of the disease because it's too long..

whenever i remember you..
i feel very sad..
i can only pray for you from here..
although i didn't have enough time to know you..
i met you once..
in ICU..
seeing tubes around your body..
only Allah knew my feelings at that time..
sometimes i feel like joining you too..
for i miss you so much..
but then..
i don't think that i'm prepared..
i have so much sin..
and i must clear that first before joining you..
until now, i'm the one in our family that had meet you in dreams..
they said that you had never come to their dream until now..
thanks for always come to my dreams..
smile to me..

InsyaAllah..when the time comes, we'll meet.. :)
al- Fatihah..

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