Monday, July 4, 2011

Speaking ?

assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you..~

guess what? suddenly i miss my debate team!! i started to involve myself in debate during my form 3, which is in year first, i didn't expect that i'll be chosen to represent my school, smk convent muar, as the second speaker at district level because i'm only a junior speaker in the team at that time..we managed to go until semi- final round ( last year's team has failed at their first round), since our first speaker didn't do well in concluding the debate topic..never mind..anyway, i gained many knowledge and my form 4, when i want to transfer to SAMURA, my junior debater in convent begged me not to go to that school, because my recent school will lost another good debater..(err..i'm good? well..thanks..hehe..)
syn joe, diyana and brina.. ( 2007)
when i entered SAMURA, i decided to go on with my debate, but my heart broke to pieces (err..hyperbola! haha) when the school didn't have a debate club..but never mind, i've been chosen to represent my house and class during some competition held in least i can maintain my skills.. :) i had make up my mind to join USM debate club in this september..debate, debate and debate! yeah !

during my time in SAMURA, i also joined my house malay forum team..such a great experience i gained..i learned how to deliver the details..our voice to control it..and only then i know that we should use different tones for debate, forum and public speaking..hehe ^^ i didn't have my forum team and samura debate team pictures to share here.. T_T

public speaking..this is also one of my favorite..i don't know..i just like to stand there and give talk, give my point of view..hmm..again, i've been chosen to represent my house in samura in a public speaking competition and i managed to get the second place-the only girl that managed to friends, ruhaizad and danial won first and third places respectively..

during a poem competition in samura 2009

i've been reciting poem since my primary school..i still remember vividly in my mind when the school held special event such as the celebration of independent day and teachers day, usually i was the one who will recite the SAMURA, i represented my club in the competition..

seriously, it's such an honor for me to enter such competition and win..i gained so much experienced when entering such competition..try it, and you'll know what i mean.. ^^

p/s: whatever it is, i'm still a shy person.. <---( it true that you are a shy person, diyana? i don't think so..HAHA)

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