Thursday, October 6, 2011

scholarship ohh scholarship~

wishing a very good day to all of you.. :)

alhamdulillah..i've been in usm for a month today..a lot of things happen..i've manage to make new friends here, finally adapt myself a bit to university's life..and..find a new bf here..LOL

actually i want to share about 2 scholarship which i've been offered this year for my course-pure physics

1) biasiswa tenaga khas akademik ipta (BKTAI 2011)

well..this is the first offer that i got..i'm very happy actually..(just who will be sad if they got offer, right? haha) then, one day i got a phone call from this scholarship department to inform me about this interview..i asked him if i get offer from jpa, should i go to the interview or not..he said that i should accept jpa and forget about the interview..give other people chances to get following day..i checkout my result and presto! i get JPA scholarship too~ Alhamdulillah..

2) JPA PIDN 2011

jpa 2011 i'm busy preparing all the documents needed for this jpa scholarship..anyway, goodbye my dear ptptn..hoho.. :D


  1. kt mna sis apply suma scholar nih? uhuh

  2. Tahniah atas pencapaian anda.

    Selain itu, semasa kamu memohon biasiswa PIDN, perlukah kamu menhadiri temuduga JPA? Ataupun JPA menganugerahkan biasiswa tersebut berdasarkan merit dan sosioekonomi keluarga?

    1. terime kasih andy..

      saya tidak menghadiri sebarang temuduga utk mendptkan biasiswa PIDN..
      mungkin spt yg anda katakan, pihak mereka menilai merit dan sosioekonomi keluarga utk memberikan biasiswa tersebut..



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