Monday, May 16, 2011

The Art Of Forgiving

Forgiving people is not easy for some of us, especially when it’s not their first time doing the same mistake or when they’ve done something that may affect our life. Some people are afraid that they might lose their pride when they forgive others. Why? Because they think that when they forgive people, it indicates that they’ve lost. They’re not the winner. But don’t they know that when we are able to forgive others, it shows that we value our relationship more that our ego. It’s actually ego that prevent us from forgiving.

WHAT is actually forgiving?
You’ll forgive a person when you accept their mistake and do not feel angry about it. If you’ve forgive them, you should not bring up the mistake they did whenever you’ve conflicts with them. If you bring it up, it shows that you’re not very sincere to forgive them.

WHY you must forgive others?
As a human being, all of us are not perfect. Nobody’s perfect. Human being often make mistake. When we forgive others, we’ve given them another chance to them for correcting their fault. In fact, we’ll feel a bit peace in heart when forgiving others. That’s why in Islam itself, we’re told to forgive people before we go to sleep. Just imagine if we’re in their situation. Of course we want people to forgive us, right?

WHEN you must forgive others?
Anytime when they make mistake-when your heart is sincere to do it. Don’t forgive others because you feel forced to do it. If you feel a bit difficult to forgive, surely there’s something that you’re not satisfied with. Slow talk with them, tell them what’s on your mind. Why you can’t or takes some time to forgive them so that they’re clear about their wrong doings.

HOW to forgive others?
Accept their mistake, don’t bring it up again. Make sure your heart is sincere. Be a positive thinker, believe that they’ll change. Help them to change, if possible. Believe that everything happens for a reason. Though the sun may not be shining, there’s a hidden silver thread. After a storm, comes fine weather.
Forgive + forget = lead a better life..InsyaAllah..:)

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