Monday, May 9, 2011


hello everybody! thanks for dropping, let's talk about hope. what's "hope" actually? hope is to desire with expectation of obtainment. expectation..

sometimes what we are hoping for will come to reality..sometimes it's not..remember: we can't get all that we want in life. but believe it or not, hope is important and essential in life. why? because it will give us strength to continue living and facing the challenges. don't believe me? just see the examples below ::::

1. mum: if you get straight a's in your exam, i'll buy you a new handphone..
son: yeah..i'll try my best!
note :: mum gives hope to her son

2. boy : we'll get married 5 years from now..just wait for me..if Allah's will,
you'll be mind..
girl: InsyaAllah..we can just pray for the best now..
note:: boy gives hope to the girl

3. teacher : the question will not be difficult to answer if you all had do enough
preparation..believe in yourself!
pupil : yes, teacher...
note :: teacher gives hope to the pupil

4. boss : if you show improvement in your work, i'll increase your salary..
worker : i'll try my best, sir.
note :: boss gives hope to the worker

and many, many more situations..

see? hope plays an important role in one's life. but most of the time, when the hope do not come into reality when the time comes, we'll certainly be angry, sad and dissapointed, especially to the person who gives us hope. we'll say something like this :

" if you can't do it, why you say you can? why you promised?"'s true that things happened is beyond of our's in Allah's hand. but it's better if you don't simply give others hope..think first..will you able to bring it to reality? if not, don't give hope to others. you'll only hurts the person..prevention is better than cure, right?

for those who hoped, but then it don't come to reality, don't be too disappointed. when one door closed, another opens. everything happens for a reason. maybe it's not good for you, that's why you can't get it. learn from the mistake, and be a more mature person. accept and move on..



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