Friday, May 27, 2011

idea oh idea

good day to all boys and girls and teachers

today i want to discuss about idea. first of all, what is idea? idea is something, such as a thought or conception, that potentially or actually exists in the mind as a product of mental activity..or in more simpler words, an opinion, conviction or principles.

what i want to say here is, if you don't like people's idea, it's okay. maybe it is not logic or else. but you need to remember that people have feelings. please use proper words or sentence to reject their idea.

one day, my friend rejected my idea. i can accept it..well maybe others have better idea. but what made me really disappointed is, she used this sentence:

"no, your idea is wrong. i can't accept it..nonsense!"

(what the ....? she used the word nonsense! hello..your idea is much more weird okay..)
and she said it in front of the class. my friends looked at me. and thanks to god, i can control my feelings that day..if not, i can't promised that she will go out from the class alive..hahaha..just joking..

what i want to point out here is, we should watch our mouth so that we will not hurt others.


  1. siapa ? JMC ? SAMURA ? :D

  2. JMC laa..ngeh3..tmpt plg bnyk mslh..yeke? dgn org 2 je kot..wakakaka

  3. Akk nk mntk izin nk guna mind map yg akk share tu?? member2 cye skali #KMJ'Sstudent



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