Sunday, May 8, 2011

the L.O.S.E.R..

err..the topic is some kind of pathetic isn’t it? today i want to talk about THE L.O.S.E.R. we usually define loser as someone who did not manage to be a winner in something. that’s a general definition. we can also call people below as loser :::::

1. someone who did not try again after a failure or in other words, they have lost their heart. they have lost their hope and did not want to try again.

2. someone who do not have enough bravery to declare their feelings, and just stand there and prefer watching then do something.

3. someone who did not want to admit their mistake and keep blaming others.

4. someone who do not want to help others, especially in study for they are afraid that their knowledge will be lost.

5. someone who quit doing things for they have feeling that they will not succeed, although the journey is not over yet.

why suddenly i talk about this loser? it’s because now i feel like a loser. i’m a high-expectation person, perfectionist and that really makes me stressful sometimes or now, everytime. if i feel like i can’t get what i want, i will stop doing the thing. for me, it’s a waste of time if i keep chasing what i can’t get. and now, i’m doing that. stop chasing it. stop doing it. stop dreaming it. even my heart is reluctant to do it, i think i’ve no choice. i don’t want to get hurt and sad in the future. but then i realized, it’s not a correct way to face challenges. when we run from challenges, the challenges will only become bigger and bigger and we finally are ready to face the challenges, the challenges are now bigger than it should be.

so now, i think that i can see it clearer..i dare to face the challenges and try to enjoy every moment in my life and appreciate people around me..for maybe that’s the last time we talk with them, maybe that’s the last time we see them..and maybe that’s the last time we can do things that we love..we don’t know what will happen in the future..whatever happens, happens..we can’t changed it..don’t keep regretting something that you didn’t get, for at one time, it is exactly what you wanted..everything happens for a starting from now, let’s stop being a NEGATIVE THINKER and LOSER, let’s be a POSITIVE THINKER and strive to be a WINNER!

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