Sunday, June 26, 2011

AnnuaL Dinner JMC 2010/2011

assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you.. :)))

my friend, fadzreen, challenged me to put his picture wearing a red cloth all over his body on my blog..and..well..i really upload the pic!

fadzreen in the evening before the dinner :::::

this is him..err..little red riding hood? but whatever it is, he's 'KENCANG' boy! haha
HAHA..hmm..after i uploaded this picture, suddenly i pondered the evening chain of memory..evening before the annual dinner..a lot of things happened..last minute preparation ( buying tablecloth, candle, etc).. my class, physical 43 is one of the most quiet noisy class at JMC..haha..N.O.I.S.Y. yes..we'll be quiet only when the lecturers were angry with the memories..

chairman of physical 43, afzal

physical 43
i can't forget the moment when we stole chairs from a life science student's table in the evening because there was not enough chairs for students in our class.. ( science students, don't be angry ok? we're sorry..hehe..we just want to sit happily and enjoy our dinner.. :P)

chairs robbers.. (err..they all have gangster faces..HAHA)
from left : farhan ( mastermind-although he's a life science student..haha..), diyana, durrah

and last but not least, the other chairs robbers is

liana syazwani..hehe
the most brave chair robber: durrah- the beginner of this robbery
the most funny robber : wani- afraid to take away the chair, keep looking around with chair in one hand
average : me..hahaha
well..a lot of memories with all of you..i'll be missing the moment when we're together..

annual dinner pic ( from afzal's camera )
from left : mila, wani, fhatien, diyana, dura, mr. andy, mamu, afzal, fadzreen
friendship forever :)


  1. saya sayang awak !!!!! :*

  2. kenape im the one yang affraid ?? :( hahaha...aku ta biase buat jahat ni..hahaha... :p

  3. hahahahaha..2 sbb mu takut..x biase wat jht..hahaha



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