Thursday, June 16, 2011

SaMuRa LiBraRian AwarDs 2009

very bored i decided to read my form 5 notebook and suddenly i found this ::::::::::::

now showing
samura librarian awards 2009

1) the most committed librarian
- mohd afiq bin roslan
- nur diyana binti mustaffa

2) the most mysterious librarian
- mohd shafiq bin shafie
- ilya najwa binti masngat

3) the most havoc librarian
- mohd hanif bin atan
- faten rafiqah binti rahiman

4) the most creative librarian
- ahmad alfian bin isa
- nur nadiah binti sulaiman

5) the most cheerful librarian
- mohd fariz akmal bin adam
-siti naqiah binti ahmad

p/s : actually my name has been voted for all categories with 2 votes and above (maybe because i'm the vice last, i managed to win the committed category..) except the cheerful category..only one vote..(thanks for voting! haha) why? well..there's a story about it..i'm a firm person..and i've done many do i know the number of votes? cause i'm the one who counted it..
formal picture in school

during a trip to pulau langkawi
hmm..miss this moment..such an honor to work and get to know with you all :)

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