Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mother, you're the queen of my heart

i came across this essay..i wrote it last year, but i don't remember why..


When we come across the word “mother”,automatically our mind will display the image of our mother.Mother is one of the most important person in our life,no matter what.Although she may be perfectionist-all things must look perfect in her eyes,too protective until you don’t have the privacy to hang out with friends because she will always be with you wherever you go or she loves to nag at you whenever she sees you and the speed of the words that spew out from her mouth will put any M16 gun in shame,she is still our mother.

My mother is the best mother in the world because firstly,she has sacrificed a lot for her children-especially me,the eldest.Giving birth is not an easy job especially to the first child-she has faced the excruciating pain when giving birth to me and I’m very thankful to her for  her sacrifice all this while raising not only me,but 4 more children.Besides,she is so patient in educating all her children until we all know how to be independent as well as respecting others.Whenever I  failed to achieve good results in test,she has never scold me,instead she give motivation to me,discuss the pro and conts of something,let me make my own decision without pushing me and to be truth,it really make me want to give the best in whatever I do.Why?Because I don’t want to let her down even once because of me.

She chose to be a housewife and not working because she believe that by doing so,her children will get enough love and attention from her because my father is busy working all the time.All this time,whatever happens,she’ll put her family in the first place.”Family always comes first,”she often said that.She will try her best to fulfil what her children needs.She is always by my side all this time.Without her,I’ll never know what love means..Without her,I’ll not be strong and independent.Without her,I’ll never be here..Without her,I’m nothing..She is the one.The best mother in the world.Thank you for bringing me to this world.Thank you for all that you’ve done for me.Mother,you’re the queen of my heart..

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