Wednesday, June 1, 2011

thanks qurratu aini :)

at last! i managed to date with my best friend, qurratu aini hasan! hahaha.. we haven't meet each other for more than a year..we met at mahkota parade, malacca on monday 30th may 2011..we went to GSC at dataran pahlawan and watched 'pirates of the caribbean on strange tides' movie..after 1 hour, i found her sleeping during the movie because she didn't reply when i talked to her..well..kind of cold dark.. i laughed at her after the movie and we ate kfc before going back..thank you very much for spending time with me..hehehe..hope to see you again soon.. :)

as we go on we'll remember
all the times we had together
and that's our last chance
come whatever
we will still be friends forever..
(graduation-vitamin c)

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