Tuesday, June 14, 2011


hye there..hoping that you all have a good day :)
i want to share something..

"if you don't have at least rm 100,000 in your bank account, don't ever dream to get married"
that's what my friend's mother told his son. hmm..it looks like a large amount of money..isn't it? but yeah..i think it's reasonable..why? when you want to get married, you need quite a large amount of money for ::

  1. your wedding reception..whether it's big or small, still, it needs money
  2. deposit for your new house
  3. home equipment ( electrical appliances, furniture, etc) 
  4. if you chose to go holiday honeymoon, surely you needs some money
  5. some saving for emergency
so, i guess the flow is like this :::
study smart > get a good job > save money > get married


  1. untuk ko , semuanya bole. wakakaka

  2. hahahahahahahaha..bgus2..trime ksh..wakakaka

  3. is tht acap's quote ? hihi

  4. nope..my friend in samura..hahahaha



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